Chiropractic Testimonials

It was about six years ago when I came to an informational meeting at Frains office. After the presentation, Dr. Patrick offered a free consultation as a bonus of attending the meeting. My sister, Erika, and her family had been seeing the Frains for a while so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get an evaluation done. Well, little did I know that my spine wasn’t happy and if I didn’t do something soon, I could have complications down the road.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Melissa, Jeremy, Elise, Amelia, Meredith, Anderson, & Griffin B

I started chiropractic care for myself and after about a year, realized my children would also reap the awesome benefits of this care. Five years ago I got pregnant with my son, Anderson, and even though I was 11 years older with this pregnancy than my first, I felt amazing. The adjustments kept everything aligned and I had an uncomplicated and fast delivery with him. Anderson was adjusted when he was only days old and has continued ever since. We just had our fifth child, Griffin, and again the chiropractic care during my pregnancy was phenomenal! Chiropractic care helps keep my growing family strong and healthy. My children and I cannot thank the Frains enough for all of the care they have given us over the last six years. When my children have sports injuries or illnesses, we come here first. Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick sincerely listen to their concerns and help in every possible way. Our chiropractic care each month is truly a blessing and we couldn’t imagine our lives without it! Thank you Frains, Celeste, and Ronia for all you do for our family!

- Melissa, Jeremy, Elise, Amelia, Meredith, Anderson, and Griffin B.

Chiropractic care has helped every member of our family. Tim has benefited by having his lower back worked on allowing him to continue to perform his very physical job. Chiropractic keeps me aligned and feeling good so I can continue to run ½ marathons and marathons. But I think our kids have received the most benefit. Sierra has been adjusted since she was born and the only childhood illness she has had is one ear infection that occurred on a month that we forgot to get her in to the doctor.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial The Dole Family

Our son Tyler followed the same path with no ear infections. However he did have an issue with a flat spot on his head that we were told would require a helmet to correct. After talking to Dr. Susan she had said she could adjust and fix without a helmet. We didn’t do the helmet and we no longer can see any flat spots on his head. Chiropractic care will be part of our lives for good!

- The Dole Family

We first visited the Frain Family Chiropractic Wellness Center to see if we could improve some minor health concerns and proactively improve our overall health in order to help avoid significant health concerns in the future. And the Frains’ have helped us do just that! Our health has been significantly better since we have been under their care. The chiropractic care I have received has helped me decrease my allergy symptoms and I no longer have frequent sinus infections. They also helped me make the best of a very difficult pregnancy and as a result our son is very healthy and strong.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Laura, Pete, and Elijah M

Our 2½ year old son has also been under chiropractic care since he was born and he loves going in to get adjusted by his ‘girlfriend’….Dr.Susan :)The doctors and staff sincerely care about our health and wellness and they are there to answer any and all questions we have and make us feel comfortable and cared for at all times

- Laura, Pete, and Elijah M.

I initially met Dr. Susan attending a consult with my daughter Alison. I was very impressed by the thorough treatment plan she had for her. Dr. Susan invited me to have an initial exam – who me! – Nothing is bothering me. WOW! What findings we discovered together. I have been seeing Dr. Susan and at times Dr. Patrick for the last four years. They are very patient with me as my adjustments are usually not done on a regular basis because of my schedule.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Susan D

Dr. Susan whole heartedly assisted with a family traumatizing event. She went above and beyond her chiropractic care and concern. She is a family friend for life!

The entire office staff are professional, caring, and knowledgeable and are concerned for your well-being. Words of encouragement – don’t underestimate your spine, even if you don’t have any symptoms.

- Susan D.

I first heard of Frain Family Chiropractic through their work with the Green Bay youth football program. I have had chronic back problems for over 20 years. I first visited Dr. Patrick in August of 2010. At the time of my first visit my back was in very bad shape. Both Dr. Patrick and Dr. Susan worked to get me pain free and mobile again. Through the past few years they have both worked very hard to keep me that way. When I do experience a setback, (usually due to my own actions) they go above and beyond to help me out. Dr. Susan has even met me after normal office hours when I needed help.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Dan E

It is this type of service that speaks to the character of Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick. Combine that with their professional staff and you have a recipe for success!

- Dan E.

We came to the Frain’s originally as a referral from a family friend, we brought our daughter first as she was having ear infections and also to keep her well-adjusted. Treatment went very good with her and then my wife started going, then myself, and now our eight month old son. We are all very pleased with the results we have seen in all of us through our care here with the Frain’s.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Adam, Melissa, Olivia, & Gavin A

The way everything is explained to us in always on point with what we have going on. We would recommend the Frain’s to anyone who wants to feel and move better!

- Adam, Melissa, Olivia, and Gavin A.

Since 2008 I have been a client at Frain Family Chiropractic. Wow, it’s really been that long! It all started at a Women’s Expo where Dr. Susan reeled me in with her energetic and friendly personality. I had been seeing another chiropractor but felt I wasn’t getting the care I felt I needed. Initially I thought I’d “try out” Frain Chiropractic because they had an offer of a free x-ray exam for a small donation. I was very pleased to find out later that the donation was actually for a local charity. Anyway, what started out as a “freebie”, has turned into a great friendship, and I have been so very happy with the care I have received from both Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Joan B

After that initial exam, they really took the time to get to know me and figure out exactly what was needed to get me on a path to wellness. I am not there yet but it is certainly not from their lack of trying. They have been patient coaches as well as becoming good friends. It is always a pleasure when I come in for my once a month subluxation adjustment. (FYI I never knew what that word was before meeting the Frains!) Coming in every month may seem excessive to some but honestly, it has now gotten to where I can actually feel when I’m out of alignment. Dr. Patrick is always there waiting “crack” me back into shape. I am honored that they would choose me as “Patient of the Month” because as far as chiropractic care goes, they are “Doctors of the Year”!

- Joan B.

We initially came to the Frain’s on a recommendation from a co-worker. After the initial consultation, it was clear and obvious that we found the right place we wanted to be at. Not only do the Frain’s welcome you into their practice, but they welcome you into their family where you never feel out of place. Your will immediately observe what we are saying when you look around the office and watch the office interactions.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Shannon & Nicole S

They are fantastic chiropractors and we are fortunate to have found them. If you have been contemplating chiropractic care, or looking for a new place to receive care, our words of advice are don’t hesitate to make this your next visit.

- Shannon and Nicole S.

I had been going to chiropractors for years with no relief whatsoever. A friend told me about Frain Family Chiropractic Wellness Center. (Actually, she suggested I go for a massage, so I did). After getting a couple of massages there, I decided to try the chiropractic services as well. Boy, am I ever thankful that I did! I signed up for the full year’s treatment plan which saved my life! I had been suffering from low back pain for as long as I could remember. Even with going to other chiropractors (bone crunchers, I now call them), I did not get any relief from the pain. I was always sore all over it seemed.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Sandy J

After a couple of adjustments prescribed in my treatment plan, I began to notice that I didn’t “ache all over” for a change. This got me extremely excited to say the least! I continued to see and feel improvements in my body. I was amazed and thankful! I also had orthotics prescribed for me which I absolutely love! Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick are miracle workers as far as I’m concerned.

I just completed my full year’s program and have been “graduated” to a monthly adjustment visit to maintain the alignment of my body. I thank God that I was directed to come to Frain Family Chiropractic Wellness Center on Hansen Road in Green Bay, WI. I especially appreciate the wonderful front desk staff who are always greeting me with a friendly smile and hello! Those gals totally rock!!! In addition, I am extremely grateful to Dr. Patrick and Dr. Susan. They always take the time to “listen” to me and are never rushed, but spend as much time with me and all of their patients as needed. You’re never just a number at Frain Chiropractic; you are a valued person who needs their help to achieve a better quality of life. They actually care about their patients, which is very refreshing in today’s hectic world.

Frain Family Chiropractic Wellness Center is fabulous! I can’t say enough about their chiropractic technique, their staff, and their true love for helping people attain a higher quality of life overall. Thank you Frain Family Chiropractic Wellness Center. You are a life saver indeed!

- Sandy J.

I’m six feet, six inches tall and the world is not conducive to such tall people. Consequently, my spine started to curve and it started causing problems! Dr. Patrick and I met working with the Green Bay Blizzard as he is their official team chiropractor. I have used chiropractic care before but liked Dr. Patrick so I decided to come to the Frain office. The initial diagnosis was extremely thorough and Dr. Patrick was able to identify the real issue causing my frequent backaches was actually my uneven pelvis. After just two months of chiropractic adjustments, we were able to get on the right track to fixing the cause of my back pain!!

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Dennis R

I look forward to appointments as everyone is very friendly and professional. I always feel better after an adjustment. I also see Cassidy Dittmer, who is on of Frain Family Chiropractic’s in house massage therapist. She helps a great deal in combination with my adjustments to relieve stress and discomfort. They are very relaxing.

If you have back or neck pain, Get instant relief at Frain Family Chiropractic. I did and I bet you will to!

- Dennis R.

When asked to write a testimonial for the Frain’s, I thought that there was no better way to sing praises than to say…

THANK YOU…My first visit to your office was in the spring of 2003. I was a member of the Green Bay Blizzard Freeze dance team and they had just become the official team chiropractors. We were all invited to learn more about your chiropractic services. As a physical therapist, and being newer to the Green Bay area, I was pretty closed-off to the idea of chiropractic care. I sat in the back of the room with my arms crossed, completely advertising that I was “that girl” that my coach had warned them about!

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Lori Ann K

You both made a great presentation and I thought, “Why not at least check it out – I have never been to a chiropractor before and I would love to see X-rays of my back since I have Scoliosis.”

Ten years later, I am pleased and proud to be a patient of theirs! Even though chiropractic care cannot correct the scoliosis itself, my daily postures, headaches, and overall health and wellness have improved tremendously. Both of them took the time to answer my questions about chiropractic assessment and treatment, and provided it in a safe and comfortable environment. I feel that we have grown up together – both professionally and personally. With life changes and stresses, they have been there to help me keep my head on straight… and, trust me when I say that life feels much better when it is!!!

I thank them for taking the time to see a number of my friends, patients and family members, including my sister. She was only in town for a brief period of time, but she had a great experience at the clinic!

I am so grateful for my experiences and pray that other patients experience the well-rounded care, dedication, and concern for each individual that I have enjoyed through them and your staff of professionals.

THANK YOU for the many years of fantastic care and I look forward to many more! God Bless!

- Lori Ann K.

We started coming to the Frains shortly after they opened. It may have the sign stating “Taking New Patients” or word of mouth. I had been to chiropractors in the past and knew the healing relief that they provided for back and neck pain. The Frains were very welcoming and full of a contagious energy that was healing in itself. Months later, it was discovered that a few discs in my neck were herniated.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Kim, Bob, Robert, Ryan, Robin, & Rebecca

I had numbness in my left arm and pain in the chest muscles. The neurosurgeon informed me that I needed surgery right away as my condition would only worsen, and I didn’t have the surgery! After a few tears in hearing the diagnosis and the fear of surgery, I went home and Dr. Susan. She told me to bring my MRI results for her to look at, and we met at her office. I knew she could help me as I knew that the body can heal itself with the right therapy. After months of treatment with Dr. Susan, my neck was restored to health and the pain and numbness was gone! No meds and NO surgery!! I continue to have regular adjustments to keep myself healthy.

My family also has regular adjustments as they are involved in various athletics and want to maintain their immune system health as well. With having regular adjustments over the years, our cold and illness rate has dropped dramatically with very rare occurrence. Our drug of choice is the Frain Family Chiropractic Wellness Center, and Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick at the helm. Speaking on behalf of my family, we can’t say enough good things about the Frains and how much they touch and enhance the lives of the people that they care for. If you have pain or suffer from illnesses or just want to maintain a healthy state, do yourself a favor and let the Frains help you. Be patient with your treatment as your body can take time to heal. Eventually you will get there, and yes you will be very happy and thankful. We certainly are.

Thank you Frains

- Kim, Bob, Robert, Ryan, Robin, and Rebecca

I initially came to Frain Family Chiropractic without any definitive complaints, just to gauge me spinal health. I hadn’t seen a chiropractor before and, admittedly, had some hesitation because I didn’t know what to expect.

I became a regular patient because of the doctors and the staff. Dr. Frain takes a sincere interest in helping you heal, and in the process, teaching each person how to help heal themselves. They actively involve you in your treatment plan, explaining their analysis of your health, their actions and how each action and each part of your physiology works together to help you improve. They encourage questions and are excellent teachers.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Liz P

As a significant extra bonus, it’s nothing short of fun to come to the office. The Frain’s and their staff are a bright spot in my week from not just a physical standpoint, each visit is fun and typically full of laughter, it’s like visiting a friend’s house.

Frain Family Chiropractic is a welcoming environment in which to learn about and improve your health. And have a lot of fun doing so.

- Liz P.

I was so accustomed to the pain in my back that I frequently ignored it until I almost could not walk at times. A friend referred me to Frain Chiropractic and it has made a world of difference for me! I haven’t had to feel chronic pain in my lower back and have been bringing the whole family as well for the last 2 ½ year, so they too can enjoy the benefits of preventative wellness, better health and less illness. We all look forward to our appointments and do not know what we would do without them!

Thank you Drs. Frain!

- The Klug Family

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial The Klug Family

Joel and I feel incredibly blessed to have made that initial phone call to your office in 2007. We knew the minute we walked into the office and met Dr. Patrick and Dr. Susan that we were in the right place for our chiropractic needs. Over the past 7 years my back has never felt better. The lower back pain that never seemed to improve is now virtually gone. My migraines are much better and if I feel one coming on, the front desk always seems to find room for me in the schedule. I also had the blessing of receiving chiropractic care during two pregnancies over the past 7 years.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Erika, Joel, Lily, Juliette and Thomas

WOW! What a difference; very little back pain throughout the pregnancy and the deliveries went very smooth. Joel has experienced great results too. His lower back and hips “have never felt better.” My three children have been reaping the benefits of chiropractic care as well, Ear infections are minimal, and treated with chiropractic care instead of medication. I seriously cannot imagine our lives without the care of Dr. Patrick and Dr. Susan. They care for our physical needs but they also care for us as friends. They listen when we have concerns, and genuinely care for us. Our lives are easier to live because of the many wonderful benefits of chiropractic care. We feel overall healthier thanks to Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick. My 6 year old and 2 year old have been receiving adjustments since they were a few days old. They love getting adjusted! My sister and her family feel the same way about the wonderful care of the Frain’s I sincerely wish all of my friends and family who are experiencing back pain, migraines, or health problems would call the Frain’s TODAY! Our lives have been changed because that one phone call we made in 2007. All I can say is THANK YOU!”

- Erika, Joel, Lily, Juliette, and Thomas H.

Our first experience with Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick was the first week of them opening their practice. We are so impressed at the work and commitment they put into building their practice into what it is today and what it will continue to become! At the time we really didn’t know much about chiropractic care, but after every time we spoke to them we felt empowered to make the right choices for our wellness moving forward. We were involved with mapping out the schedule for our care instead of being prescribed something without much explanation or education.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Steve, Elijah, & Michelle A

Our first experience with Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick was the first week of them opening their practice. We are so impressed at the work and commitment they put into building their practice into what it is today and what it will continue to become! At the time we really didn’t know much about chiropractic care, but after every time we spoke to them we felt empowered to make the right choices for our wellness moving forward. We were involved with mapping out the schedule for our care instead of being prescribed something without much explanation or education.

The Frain’s care quickly turned to our entire family and will forever be grateful for Dr. Patrick visiting our home when our son was seriously ill to maintain regular chiropractic adjustments…who says doctors don’t make house calls anymore! During our son’s early development, as a 1 year old, the chiropractic care has had a profound impact on his overall health and has left medical doctors without explanation to his improvements that we were told couldn’t happen.

Visiting the Frain’s is far from any other “doctors” office visits. Everyone there greets you with a smile and you get the feeling you are visiting friends, not a doctor’s office. We encourage anyone we come in contact with to reach out to the Frain’s to discuss symptoms they are having as you will be a part of the health care process as they empower you with the knowledge and resources to live a healthier life.

We are proud to not only be patients of the Frain’s, but to be friends of theirs and look forward to a bright future for their practice!

- Steve, Elijah, and Michelle A.

My experience with Frain Family Chiropractic has been a wonderful one, as well as an eye opener. My son, and myself frequent for reasons most people would never think to go. I’ve had a history of horrible headaches, and my son has problems with chronic ear infections. Before we met Dr. Susan and Dr. Patrick, my son hadn’t gone a week without seeing the emergency room (in over 5 months) and now he has gone 2 full months without one visit to the E.R. When Dr. Susan told me chiropractic care may be able to help my son, I was a bit skeptical. She took the time to do the research for me, and printed off some information about case studies (I was impressed)!

When we walk into the office, we feel right at home. The atmosphere is relaxed and they really care. They take the time to get to know you as a patient, and a person. My son, who is afraid of doctor offices, actually smiles when we walk through the door!

They do their job and they do it well. Chiropractic care has done wonders for my family and I will continue to recommend their services to everyone I know.

Thank you both.

- Alicia and Hunter M.

The moment we walked through the door we knew we found a perfect fit for our family! Dr. Susan’s & Dr. Patrick’s professional, yet personable approach to chiropractic care has exceeded all of our expectations! Our family’s overall health & quality of life have greatly improved since we started our care with Frain Family Chiropractic.

Thank you!

- Joel, Erika, Lily, Juliette, and Thomas H.

Chiropractic Green Bay WI Testimonial Joel, Erika, Juliette And Thomas H


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